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How to Figure United Parcel Service (UPS) Charge

Zone 1 (New Hampshire) - 15% of the order plus $8.00.

Zone 2 (East of Mississippi River) - 20% of the order plus $8.00.

Zone 3 (West of Mississippi River) - 25% of the order plus $8.00.

For example, if you ship by UPS in New Hampshire and your order total is $100 your UPS charge would be $23.00 based on $8.00 plus 15% of $100.

For customers outside New England, we recommend you consider shipping "overnight" or "second day air" at extra cost. Call us at (603) 796-2323 for information on these shipping options.


Seedling Catalog

Click here for a pdf of the Spring 2017 catalog.

You may  email us or give us a call at 603.271.2214 to receive a catalog or be placed on the mailing list.  There is no email distribution list for the catalog.
The seedling order form is available to download by double clicking on the ordering link at the top of the page or click here.


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Please contact the Nursery directly for availability of seedlings.

As reported last year, we have experienced two open winters which has resulted in losses, particularly the true firs used primarily in the culture of Christmas trees. We have experimented with different mulches and have found a promising fix to the problem of frost heaving. In fact, our 2year old beds have some of the best looking stock we have seen.  Unfortunately for our Christmas tree customers, it takes a minimum of 3 years to grow a field ready seedling, so one more year will be needed before our saleable numbers of firs will be at good levels again.  

Balsam, Fraser, Canaan, and Concolor fir will not be available this year in standalone sales.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused our growers.