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Screen/Windbreak Package

Price:  $30 per pkg.

Specialty packages are $30 each and consist of 25 assorted seedlings (5 plants of 5 species) color coded for easy identification.  Each seedling will average at least 6 to 12" tall.  Plant descriptions and planting suggestions are provided.  These popular packages are suitable for planting statewide.  Disclaimer:  the majority of plants in these specialty packages are intended primarily for wildlife and songbird use.  Some species may contain toxins harmful to humans if consumed.


This package contains conifer bare root seedlings that are great for providing a windbreak or screen, as well as nesting habitat and food for birds and animals. 5 seedlings each of red cedar, Norway spruce, white spruce, white pine and Scotch pine will provide visual variety to a screen or windbreak. Plant 8-10 feet apart.
Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce
White Spruce
White Spruce
White Pine seedlings
White Pine seedlings
Scotch Pine seedlings
Scotch Pine seedlings


Seedling Catalog

The Spring 2018 catalog will be available in December 2017.  The link to  the pdf will be updated at that time.
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for a pdf of the Spring 2017 catalog.

You may  email us or give us a call at 603.271.2214 to receive a catalog or be placed on the mailing list.  There is no email distribution list for the catalog.
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Our Spring 2018 catalog will be available this December.
Orders will be accepted once the catalogs are mailed.